Watered down

Here’s a victory for common sense: A new YouGov survey reveals that 60 percent of UK adults think bottled water is a waste of money, with almost three-quarters of respondents (71percent) agreeing that tap water is as clean as bottled water. The results echo the findings of a survey carried out by the charity WaterAid in 2009, which found that around two-thirds of consumers are now opting for tap water when they visit restaurants.
       Only 27 percent of respondents drink bottled mineral water in any average day. Interestingly, those better off are most likely to choose tap water--62 percent of the more affluent drink it.


Wine bottle labels said...

The same wine/champagne was in at least 4 different movies I've seen & my curiosity has taken over. It is a dark bottle with white flowering vines on the front and I think gold foil wrap around the neck. Very pretty bottle. Movies: Marley & Me (beginning of movie in the bathroom after getting married), Fatal Attraction, High Spirits, and Brewster's Millions (Brewster's last party). Does anyone know what this stuff is? Thanks!

Brian St. Pierre said...

Sounds like Perrier-Jouet--dark green bottle with flowers painted up and across the front? (4 placements, some PR person's doing all right!)

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